Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day 6/7: Clubbing...and ting

Very much an idling sorta day...

Although in the morning, I went to work and the tutor knew I'd be in my zentai. She wasn't there from the start but I managed to get a reaction from her (and film it) at the end of the class...mind you I was frozen solid at that point so my ability to navigate the phone next to my face wasn't too good.

Not much going on in the afternoon, other than washing my zentai and a nap then "uhming" and "ahhing" about going out. In the process I managed to turn a friend's brain into mush by showing him Ichi the killer then the 9 short animated films of the Animatrix. Initially I just wanted to watch Ghost in the Shell (and maybe then Karas)...I'm not a manga/anime junkie.....hehe.

Still, we walked to a club that was happening tonight. For some reason I wasn't really feeling it, but caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while..and the odd one or two I'd not seen in a very long time indeed! What was really good was seeing 3 other Zentai people in there and I had a chat with them and found out one was part of The Zentai Project. Yay :-)

So...more nattering, and catching up and elaborating on what I'm doing before deciding I'm suitably bored (music didn't really do much for me, unfortunately) and want "mah bed".

I'm meant to be meeting up with a friend to go walk in Hampstead Heath tomorrow...I've been on the Lucozade caffeine again today...If I feel like a Liebherr truck load of elephants have landed on me, you can be sure it's a duvet day!


Day 6: rambling and second skin

Good Moaning...

The weekend was here Friday morning, but still. Yes it's a pink bath robe. Probably the next best thing to lycra (but isn't hehe) and unconsciously threw it on when i rolled out of bed this morning...