Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day 27: Satur...Day!!

Running on nothing...other than energy drinks. I'm sensitive to caffeine, let's see how long this holds out for!!

Anyway, feeling a bit grotty wearing the same zentai without washing it. But I barely perspire so it wasn't an issue so far as smelling funky was concerned. I guess it's just me...But hey, it's a manic weekend, it doesn't happen (too) often. From home, I headed off to the station (albeit late!) to get down to a full day workshop in East Grinstead for some artists.

On the train I pretty much passed out until the train stopped. I was going to have a "chat with my phone" but forgot.

At the station, I was picked up by one of the artists, and I told her, "look out for a ninja". It worked quite well as she wasn't shocked at all. She loved it and asked questions as we drove to the workshop.

Up the stairs and into the room where the tutor was talking to other students who had all broken conversation and were staring at me. Ursula (the tutor) looked at me with a HUGE smile. I warned her a while ago about this and she asked me to bring my blue zentai as the class was based on colour.

For the warm up she asked me to keep it on (yay) and the other artists found it an interesting challenge to draw this faceless identity that moved around every 20 seconds or so.

As the novelty of being able to model in zentai has worn off, I'm now left with the "normality" of it. I've found that I move and think totally differently when in zentai in comparison to just being naked. I guess the notion of having one's "modesty" covered means there is in fact more freedom to hold more varied poses that otherwise wouldn't be possible without exposing yourself. It's fantastic :-D

The workshop went on, and through the longer poses I was having a hard time staying awake, but did really damn well through breathing meditation, thinking about stupid ideas (the one thing that gets me going is the thought of bungee jumping in zentai) and biting my inner lip.

We got to a lunch break and I decided I NEEDED a power nap if i didn't want to collapse in a heap in front of everyone. If you haven't mastered the ability to sleep near enough "on command" and wake up when you need to. Do it. I slept solidly for 20minutes (dead to the world on a sofa....hehe) and felt a lot better. Not quite 100% but over 70%.

Another model joined me for the last hour and we posed as "opposites" before I was done for that part of the workshop.

I got back into my black zentai (we didn't use the blue one in the end) and was given a lift back to the station. Again, I slept on the train. Not properly, but just letting my eyes rest for a bit. Whilst thinking about the rest of the weekend and what i had to get up to.

My cold was back...I needed to kick it to the back for this weekend, I can't deal with you right now...

So on my way back home before going out again, I dropped into a pharmacy. Now I wasn't actually thinking when I walked in! But, something within me was on auto pilot and I took my headphones off, and my beanie off to expose the hood of my zentai. If I was actually thinking properly, I wouldn't have done that as I would have come to the conclusion that there was no need. I look menacing regardless.

But...BUT!!! People weren't freaked out as a result o_O

Some people stared, some people accidentally walked into me then said sorry (I said sorry at the same time) and the store's security person looked at me but was cool too.


Anyway, I found some cold remedy stuff (to add to the cocktail of fruit juice and cat's claw capsules I'd been on...but admittedly stopped taking on Thursday because I was "cured" *d'oh!*) and got some more razor heads whilst I was at it as my hair was getting long. 5 days not shaving your head is going to blunt a few blades!

I got to the till and the lady there was all smiley and stuff, apologised for the amount of change she was going to give me as I barely broke a £20 note in what I bought and wished me a good evening. Maybe I've been really cynical in the past, but going into a new shop in zentai without any preconceived notions of probably being kicked out (and rightfully so) has me thrown off slightly!

Back home and I was going to sleep..but I was wired. You know those waves of energy you get when you're "running on empty"?? I think this was wave No. 3. So I idled for a bit, ate some food and packed my bag to go out and be "door bitch" at a private nightclub.

I was working from 10 till 4am. It was fun, and I was working in my zentai. In the environment of nightclubs people aren't bothered so much by the unconventional. Funnily enough, this is true to a further degree when the nightclub happens to have all sorts of people dressing up (or dressing down, to the bare....mininmum), having a door (wo)man who's into what the night is about puts people at ease even more so, than the usual "heavies" we've got to deal with...and poke fun at.

I did slump a few times in the night, but kept on talking to people and vice versa and lasted! All the way till 4. There after, I was initially going to get a night bus (or 2) home. It would take an hour and 20 minutes...

BUT...when I left, it was wet...and cold...and just f**king miserable. With the cold coming back, and being beyond tired I decided to succumb to getting a taxi home instead of being the usual urban warrior I am.

This posed another problem though. I learned from the first outing with the zebra zentai, that you can't hail a cab if you look weird. I was in no mood to entertain people's insecurities so I took my hood down but wrapped my face in my scarf and pulled (all 3) hood(s) down so only my face was exposed.

In the current weather, that seemed to have worked. I got a taxi immediately. Through the layers I asked if he could get me home and off I went. It took about 40mins to get home instead. And I briefly popped into my local corner shop where a bunch of them were messing about, and all smiled and said hello to me when they saw me.

One guy asked, "hey is it over?" I said, "no....Tomorrow though! But it's just really sh*tty out there and my throat hurts and I'm tired...and yeah, not in a good mood" with a smile.

They laughed a little as my voice was insanely croaky at that moment in time. I got some strepsils, and they all said bye.

it's 5am when I'm in bed...I need to be up by 8.30am at the latest!!!