Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 28: OH....the IRONY!!

Eyes open...Shit...what time is it?!?!


I'm going to be late!!!!!

Now...It should be a sad day as it's the end of the month. But I had to get to work. However, this work means I definitely CANNOT wear my zentai. Remember my rule about authorities??

Yeah, this is an authoritative job I'm going to. And I love working it, as rarely as it happens, it does happen.

So off comes the zentai. Yep, I slept in it. Although I did make a mistake so far as having the electric blanket on..I slept through my alarm!!

I already had my clothes for today ironed and waiting to be worn. I threw them on and the first thing that felt uncomfortable was the fact that...I was wearing pants! (trousers) ...I haven't worn trousers ALL MONTH! It was the oddest feeling ever...being restricted.

Wearing everything else didn't phase me all that much, although putting on my beanie directly on to my head was odd.

To the front door. And whilst I was late and needed to get a groove on! I hesitated....My hand was on the handle and I just stopped for a moment. I realised I'm stepping out into the open for the first time in a month without wearing any lycra...what so ever (except for my base layer vest, but that doesn't count).

I shook off the hesitation, had things to do! BIG breath and I stepped out, and closed the door.

The brightness of everything was the first thing that hit me. So much so my eyes actually hurt a bit (it wasn't even that bright a day! it was overcast!) so as I walked I was pulling my beanie down to try and alleviate some of that.

Next thing was how unbelievably cold everything was! I was in layers and such, but still I think my skin was in hyper-sensitive mode or something! erg!

Still, I got to the tube and headed on out. People were still staring at me. And I don't know why o_O. I'd stare back at them, and they'd look away as usual but I wasn't amused....

I didn't think "grumpy Londonian" mode would resume so damned quickly! I guess being really really tired and unhappy about not wearing my zentai would help with that.

Only 10 minutes late and the rest of the day went swimmingly. Although I did hide during the day to get off my feet for 10 mins here and there.

I got home early evening and sat around in my room. Kinda depressed actually. I looked at that empty black zentai suit thinking, "I don't have to wear you anymore".

Trying to describe what I was thinking isn't going to work, however mr Render described it perfectly:

I think the Zentai situation is utterly fascinating. Because, yes, you were trapped in social conventions, in a golden cage of fashion and dictated rules for how you have to look and appeal in society. Zentai freed you of those issues and trapped you right again into a suit of Lycra, a mask hiding your face and social friction due to people's non-understanding. What a conundrum really O_o

What a conundrum indeed...