Sunday, 25 July 2010

Quiet as a mouse...

It's crazy...I had all the time in the world at the beginning of the year, now it's all gone a bit...well. Pear-shaped.

I've had to try and get a full-time job, the life of a life model in London now a days what with schools and colleges tightening their purses, isn't an easy one. So rather than tough it out, I'm taking the easy option out for now.

As a result my zentai days have been on hiatus (I even got a text from Zentaispot asking if i was out at the "morph" meet just gone, I was coming back from a job interview unfortunately) though i did make a funky neck tutu thing...

I might have a slight obsession with the word "tutu" i find it quite hilarious, yet the reasons are unknown to me...for now.

SOoooo, yes. I also broke my last remaining overlocker needles whilst not paying attention, so need to restock my supplies anyway. AND, finally get my other sewing machine looked at. Poor thing might not even be salvageable but if it can be, it would be awesome as it's a savage bit of kit.

Still, I'll be back (famous last words) an I have some very sneaky ideas indeed for zentai. At least it'll put "morphsuits" into perspective - in that it'll be looked at as a joke and not used to blanket zentai into the ill fitting and - quite frankly - dull suits they import from china to bunk off as their own. The god awful website on ones ass isn't really flattering either.

Hope everyone's having a lycra-riffic summer!!