Monday, 8 February 2010

Zentai goes: Snip snip

Just before taking a(nother) break. Here's how far i've progressed with the suit today.

It's taken a while but I'm getting there!! Still need to cut out the hood and the arms, but it's getting there slowly :-)

Day 8: Snow ruins all...

Soooo, I haven't left the house today. I was meant to go with a photographer friend and do stuff around Southbank (absolutely LOVE southbank..even in crappy weather) but the snow (as sludgy as it is) has put that on hold...for now.

On a positive! I did have a call from my mum this morning. Awesome woman that she is, she sorted out my procrastination problem. We identified it had a whiny "Woody Allen" character that stopped me from actually just getting on with making them. Sorry if anyone actually likes him, but both my mum and I really...really...really find he grates on us.

So a quick mental sparring session and i've been rabbiting away at the blue suit.

"You can make a suit in a day"

Is that a challenge? Is THAT a challenge? You betcha.

I'll hopefully have the body done by today...and potter on with the arms and hood in due course.

Squee ^_^


Day 8: pinning down a zebra

Wooo, week 2!!! fun times ahead...