Friday, 26 February 2010

Funky Feeling (extended)

So...Friday wasn't exactly full of exciting things to be doing...during the day anyway.

I stayed home mostly, idling around till the evening where i had to get to a life drawing class to model.

The tutor vaguely knew of what I was doing, but it still surprised him when I came into the room in my zentai. The students were staring something atrocious. It was pretty funny actually. Although, as he was talking to them I just presumed that the zentai would have to be taken off as it was a prescribed class, as opposed to being a "drop-in" class.

Adrian previously informed me about Butoh and I've been fascinated with it for a while now. And will probably do some stuff in the future. Anyway, yeah the lesson went on without a hitch, in my "first" skin.

On the break I was introduced to someone who does Ninjutsu which was interesting as I do like martial arts that aren't conventional, so far as one's centre of gravity is concerned (I do Capoeira by the way). Before going back to the lesson he mentioned that my modified zentai reminded him of some of the clothing worn by Ninjutsu practitioners...namely the ninja aspect of it. Something to look into further!

So, lesson done and back home, I remember I'm DJing tonight. Eep! And I decided rather than using my laptop setup, I'd go for the easier option of burning the music I like onto CD's and go from there. A bit of stressing, and eating...and MR (mr. render...hehe) comes over and we go out to the nightclub.

As usual people were staring with a, "what the f***" look but accepting it anyway. Most of the folks out there were clad in stereotypical wear of the "Geeky" category, as tonight was themed. My time came to play (around 1ish) and from an initially empty space in front of the DJ booth, it became grossly packed out.

I LOVE it when that happens.

I also love the reactions I got from a lot of people who came up to the DJ booth. To see this moving black *shadow* shocked a LOT of people. The girls who came up to ask for random rubbish songs would let a little cry out, then proceed to stand there with their jaws nearing the ground totally transfixed! If I wasn't in between mixing I'd look right at them, but as the light was to one side of me, they couldn't tell if I was looking at them till I waved at them or put a hand in their face.

They'd ask if I had some suitably rubbish song. And I'd just shake my head from side to side very slowly. Normally, they'd continue asking questions to try and get their way but not this time. They didn't know how to deal with me in that situation so they'd humbly smile then run off.

Mwahahahaha!!! It's better than having a no requests sign stuck on your forehead (yeah I did that once)

mr render filmed a few videos of me DJing so once those are uploaded, I'll up them on here :-)

So, onwards and upwards!! It's Saturday morning...and I gotta get somewhere. No I haven't slept yet...

Day 26: That Friday Feeling...