Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The X-Men Rogue catsuit...(pictures)

Howdie doodle!!

I know this has been hugely sporadic, and it's certainly been a bit of a "Sod's Law" scenario for February. But, I'm keeping to actually making the suits for those who invested the time to send me an e-mail and be into the whole idea :-) I'm not abandoning this, oh no no no.

So! Whilst Lee the Bee's suit is now ready to be sewn together (currently hanging in the living room). I had a change of dates for the Rogue catsuit so went on a bender of around 48 hours worth of grading, erasing, cutting, re-cutting, pinning, sewing, panicking (when my overlocker packed it in), scheming, sewing, hand sewing (on the train into work!!) and Urgent delivery posting...

I think I should have shares in Mountain Dew Energy, I went through a lot. I don't normally, but 40min meditation stints will only get you so far.

So a few pictures then :) these are before I sewed the legs together so i could see the fit thus far.

So the outfit was worn during the comicon this weekend gone by Fleur :-)

I'm handing in my resignation tomorrow. EEP!!! Next suit, the black velvet one ^_^