Sunday, 29 January 2012

Who Got 1 of the 8...(there's 1 left!)

Ok, so it was a ridiculously short videostream...about 18mins all in all but if you want to watch it again, it'll eventually be up on the channel once it's finished encoding.

But in the meantime, I'll write out the general gist of what I said.
First off the folks who got a suit:
1. Lee the Bee (USA) - Black Velvet
2. Sam (London) - Plain Blue
3. Lycraswede (Sweden) - Lightning
4. Foozle (USA) - Plain Black
5. Gaz (UK) - Navy Blue
6. Zen Tub (UK) - Sparkly Bengal Blue Tiger*
7. Ms Lycra x (London) - Plain, colour not specified
8. Fleur (UK) - X-men Rogue Catsuit.

Now I know you're looking at 6 and 8, thinking "hang on!". Hang on, indeed. I'm a strong believer in "if you don't ask, you don't get"...and Zen Tub asked, straight up, if he could have his suit made in the same fabric as mine (seen in the last video I did suited up). Pretty simple there.

As for Fleur, she's a friend of mine whom I informed of my making suits for people and we've been throwing the idea about a catsuit around for a while. She's got a comicon towards the end of February and she was looking to commission a suit for it. If you've not run a Google to jog your memory, this is the Rogue we're referring to:
It's kinda why I didn't stream yesterday...I went for an intense 1-1 tailoring course just to make sure I had it down right so far as dealing with additional panels is concerned! 
SO! With that in mind, that 8 is technically not a zentai. Which means there's still 1 suit up for grabs. I'm extending the offer of that suit up until 1st February (2359), so have a look at the older posts and send me an e-mail: and I'll ping you a confirmation e-mail back.

In addition to that, I've decided I want to make at least 1 suit for myself. I mentioned that I have this deep red theme going on in my new place (deep wine-red carpets...I bought a vacuum cleaner in exactly the same colour...I've got a microwave in exactly the same colour, the walls in my kitchen....are exactly the same colour...yeah) So, I'm going to buy some deep red fabric (might be slightly metallic) and make a suit out of it..I'll probably do a video in it and take some pictures too. 

As for the suits, I'm aiming at 2 suits a week or so, and once suits are finished they'll be showcased on the Sunday via videostream before they're gently packed away and shipped off to their new owners :-)

I was told that livestream wasn't drowning the channel in adverts, but I quite like the video interactivity of Tinychat, so I'm looking into that at the moment and will setup a dedicated page (by way of the menu bar up there *points*) on the site so that it's easier to navigate to. 

Other than that, I think I was rabbiting on about random nonsense for a little then decided to bring it to a close.

Ah it's finished encoding:
Watch live streaming video from izentai at

The 8 suits (did you get one?)

So, here we are...
I've got the list of folks here...I really hate not being able to do this at home, but c'est la vie.

I'll be broadcasting in a few minutes (9pm remember), hang tight :-)