Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day 14: A random Dinner party, and being silly

Randomly, I had been invited to a dinner party this evening. By a guy I had only lightly been chatting with a few days before. Not due to meet up until the end of the week, he invited me over.

Life's too short to avoid randomness.

I got there, late (my nap over-run) but there. There were a few questions asked, but I did decide to put the hood down (plus what we were eating was...well, it could have been messy). The evening went on and it was actually pretty fun. There was the odd slight look of uncertainty but I don't think anyone did anything about it because we were all having "civilised" conversation so there was no need for unnecessary friction (hehe). That said! the conversations ranged from gender-specific music instruments that make up an orchestra, through to someone having dry ice shoved down their pants and not realising till a few days later.


So! Homeward bound, and home at last. Before I decide to pass out from one hell of a weekend...I present you with 6 minutes of absent minded stupidity, and my new zentai suit (without the hood though, hence the silliness that ensues) :-)

Day 14: A day out with zentaispot!

5 hours down the road and it's time to get a move on to meet zentaispot at Westfields for a walkabout :-)

My blue suit had dried and Figured it was time to try this double layering thing again as I hadn't finished the hood, it should be too bad. And it wasn't! It actually felt really good.....really good (ruh roh!)


So yes, black suit over blue suit (and a base layer below the blue one just to make sure I'm not too cold), my beloved skull beanie and a scarf and the black and white Dr. Marten's and I'm good to go!

The tube journey was pretty standard with people laughing, looking away, staring etc. I would have said it was like that the whole way, but this one guy was sat diagonally opposite me and was frowning something atrocious! He'd look at me, I'd look at him....he'd still look, I'd tilt my head to one side, He'd realise I was looking at him so he'd turn away but still with this incredible frown ruining his face (hehe). This carried on, until I was away with the fairies and then noticed his hands were moving!

He took a picture of me on his phone and proceeded to write out an epic text message (reflections from a window are great, whilst you can't read anything, a screen of white with a bit of black moving about tells you a lot). When the tube got out to ground level, that was his stop and I presume he sent it as he left the tube. He could have asked, I would have happily been in a picture with him to prove it to whoever he was texting.

Ho hum.

I get off at White City, and walk down to Westfields. There weren't many people around but those who were around would stare, take a picture and I waved at some :-)

So we both started walking around and people would stop and stare, but always smiling :-) zentaispot was definitely in his element and it showed. Kids absolutely loved him and so did a lot of the parents (yes there are still a few who would try walking away).

On the way, there was a bit of a pitstop for spot, and as he walked down to where the toilets were, this one kid ran to the entrance of the hall pointing at spot going, "Bye bye doggie!!...bye bye doggie...bye bye doggie" I was standing right next to him and he genuinely was saying bye. Then as his dad came round to see what he was talking to and the kid turned around to him saying, "the doggie's gone!" with a sad face.

That's got to be the cutest thing I've seen in a while :-)

We carried on walking around, much to the shopper's amusement and it was great that people weren't scared but just enjoyed seeing something different! So much so, that a lady actually couldn't resist holding onto Spot's tail and wagging it a little. She was ever so gentle and really just quite excited over the spectacle and said as much. It was a first that Spot had his tail grabbed by someone.

Moments like those seem to happen when there aren't any cameras running! Ho hum...I decided to turn it on as we reached one end of the center and about to walk back...

Whilst the filming in between left little to be desired...The french guy was well worth it!

Onwards! As we were asked to leave Westfields, we had to walk around the bloody building to get back to the tube was cold but spirits were high so we trundled on, and well, smiling faces put a smile on your face, even if they can't see it!

We were then approached by this guy who had never seen "adults in one piece outfits". He filmed a little bit of us (I filmed him) and had a very short lived conversation.

Followed by more walking, and talking about stuff (including a flashmob run and such)

We finally get to the station and plan our way to the V & A in South Kensington. Whilst on the platform, Spot wanted to say hello to the tube driver, but he was a bit grumpy :-(

Getting off the tube at South Kensington, was pretty busy. There were people *EVERYWHERE*. I know I'm stating the obvious, but seriously...such a small station and such a big amount of people, I almost lost spot a few times! Walking through the tunnel had loads of kids stopping and looking, and us waving back :-) We even had a lady come up out of the blue and asked us if we were performers. We said no. She asked, "then what are you wearing those for?"...."Because it's fun".

She smiled.

"So where are you off to then?"

"The V & A"

"well...I must say, I've never seen a dalmatian at the V & A. And what are you?"

"Just a typical black "thing""

"It's slightly sinister a burglar"


"yes, I guess. I'm lovely really! But wearing black probably doesn't help"

"Well I hope you two have fun"

And off she went. Straight to the V & A as well!

In the tunnel there was the first of many interactive displays. It's a wall of fans, that are activated when you walk by them. Spot and I were mesmerized by this thing for a good few minutes! waving our hands around it and trying to figure out how it worked. I think the people walking by didn't quite understand what was going on. Two excitable people in full body suits looking at a wall of fans..Yeah.

A few yards up, was a security man at stand to do bag checks. We all walked up and out of no where, the guy asks Spot, "So do you get fed Pedigree Chum?"...I couldn't stop giggling. He said it with a straight face initially which got me. Spot was equally entertained and the guy let us in....he couldn't look at us anymore. Fair enough.

Walking to the cloakroom, the people standing around waiting to put their bags/coats etc. in were looking, some would hastily find a friend who was elsewhere and drag them into the hall to look at us. Some took pictures too.

We walked through the main hall and went to the Information Point first to ask them if it was ok for us to walk around. They said it was fine. I did actually call them during the week, mainly in regards to an interactive exhibition and about photography. They said the photography wasn't allowed but they thought what I said I was wearing was interesting.

Lots of kids and people smiling, taking pictures and waving back when we waved at them. Through the various displays, we did find one...

Now. I like mannequins. No not like that! I just find faceless mannequins fascinating. Whilst these were clothed in theatrical attire, I beamed a little bit inside when I saw them.

Following on from that, we found an installation to walk by. Again, interactive but with mirrors!

So we walked around some more, but this time to try and get to the Architecture room (I used to study architecture, so it's a comfort zone for me). And to try and break the cycle of always ending up in the main sculpture room!

It was quiet up there, as it usually is. Although when we walked in, a girl in a little section shouted to her friend, "hey...turn around!" We were walking through them and as this other girl did as she was asked to do, she was startled, to say the least!!. Spot and I giggled whilst walking through. I did say, "sorry, didn't mean to startle you" and she laughed a little as did the other girl.

We moved into the glass room which had all sorts of bendy and colourful glass in it, and a mirror at the end! We walked up to it, and a lady came out from a door...from no where! (or at least it appeared that way) It was a members room behind the wall of mirrors.

As we were walking back, we were approached by an employee of V & A who didn't like what we were wearing.

"oh no, here we go again" I thought. But we stood our ground. The guy asked us to wait so he could get his supervisor (as he had his radio in his hand). We didn't *have* to wait...we could have told him to come find us when he's found his supervisor, but we humoured him for a bit.

After walking around a little bit more, we were all pretty hungry so we got our stuff from the cloakroom and ventured back towards the station. After much deliberation, we decided upon a Starbucks near the station.

The staff at the Starbucks were amused by us. Unfortunately, Spot took his hood off. I don't think coffee stains are a desirable look. I kept mine on though. And the staff looked slightly puzzled as to why i ordered a drink and something to eat with the hood still up.

It has to be said. Drinking through the zip is definitely more enjoyable than eating through it! There were loads of people staring in amusement at the brownie disappearing into an orifice of a black "thing" followed by a swig of tea from a big white mug. As the place was small, people couldn't sit down (although we found a place..and a few people made their way after a few minutes) it was a constant flow of people - mainly tourists.

The day was drawing to a close and we got on the tube one last time. As we came to the stop Spot needed to get off at, we had a hug and really didn't want the day to end - as we were talking a few folks in the carriage had grins on their faces..probably trying to figure out what was going on - but said our farewells and the tube carried on.

Going out in Zentai is definitely a lot more fun when you've got other zentai folk with you :-). Sure for other people they'll find it either funny or intimidating, but essentially we're not doing anything wrong.

You hear that? What's wrong with having a bit of fun ^_~



That's what I'm feeling right about now...