Friday, 12 February 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...I want to ride my bike?

Arg, I suppose I should unload my "adventures" of today upon this here blog, hmm??

I'm on a quick break as this damn blue suit WILL be made before 9am tomorrow. I have to go and be a rope bunny for a Shibari photography workshop. And I won't get home till 6.30ish. Which only gives me 4 hours to make amendments on the suit if needs be.

Anyway! Today...I had to go do things around the vicinity of London and what better mode of transport than a bicycle? (Rollerblades, but they're useless in water)

So I pick up some mail from a friend...And it's a bearable drizzle of sorts. I've slightly lost my bearings so spend a moment (in the rain) trying to figure out where the haberdashery shop is from my current location. And off I go again.

Whilst meandering between quiet residential roads and main roads, I notice people are staring at me. Not my face though (initially!) but my legs! Yes, I'm not wearing trousers (and will continue to do so...for the month, it's quite something!) then my face.

Found the shop and this guy isn't exactly the friendliest of folk. The last time I was in there, I was asking about "micro weave" thread and he was adamant that it didn't exist. Unfortunately, I knew it did - Google told me so! - and mentioned A.N Other shop. I don't think that went down to well.

Anyway, this time I come bolstering in and within seconds from the door I was in his face wittering away at: Do you do zippers? What colour? Do you do them by the meter? I need 130cms...The guy looked at me and rose, EVER SO SLOWLY out of his chair. It was as though he thought if he moved slowly I wouldn't notice him?

Then I remembered...You're wearing zentai stupid. And I went quiet for a minute and smiled such a toothy smile through my mouth zipper, so he could get a word in. I think that irked him even more.

He didn't utter much but moved from behind the counter to a box and said, "I've got white, black and beige. Which do you want?!" Seemed a bit aggressive, but this guy seriously is quite the grumpy Guss. So I repeated myself, "A hundred and thirty centimeters, please" to which he cut something like 150 (I didn't realise this at the time). £1.65 paid, zipper in the bag and off out like a bat out of hell onto my bike in horrible weather.

In lycra, your skin is desensitised in so much as you can't feel a drop of water on your leg...or wind on it if the lycra is wet and cold already! So my hands were the indicator that it was really really cold and I'm a bit mad not wearing windbreaker (hehe) trousers.

Standing where I am in the video, afterwards I stood and stared at this poor learner driver trying *not* to hit me. A good 10 minutes as I had my hands under my bum to try and get some heat (desperate measures and what not). He stalled once, ground the gears a lot and was generally a mess. I know it's cruel...but as I geared up for the home stretch, I moved off slowly around the guy and they (driver and instructor) were staring something fierce at me. My mouth zipper still half open they were subjected to half a toothy grin and a wave as I got up to speed to join the main road up ahead.

Eventually home and feeling worse off than a drowned cat, I took of my layers and felt instantly better!

Rambling aside, I had to crack on with my blue suit. And here I am now...taking a mini break to eat and chill as I was getting very light headed and generally feeling sick (then I remembered I hadn't eaten the whole day!) My hands are done and I'm halfway through putting the hood together. I NEED to finish this...There's no other way around this. I'm not bothered about the LED lights, I'll just do a good job with the Na'vi zentai later.

Now...Something I've noticed as the day has progressed. I was quite agitated for the most part...stressing and messing up on simple stitches, re-doing them to find I've done it exactly like before. Half the zentai came off as getting my hands stuck under the foot wasn't funny anymore. I didn't like the feeling of being "exposed". My back and shoulders touched the chair and it felt unpleasant.

I guess after being used to wearing a second skin, ones own skin which is already very sensitive is even more so when it's been deprived functions it's used to facilitating.

At that moment in time however, I wasn't really in a rational frame of mind...I really...really...really wanted a cigarette. I haven't smoked in 4 years, nor have I had a craving as bad as this in the same length of time.

Ain't low blood sugar a bitch?

Still...I trundled on, then came to a point where I needed an iron to put creases in the hood to make it easier to pin and sew. At the same time I decided I should get a bit of a food shop in too.

So back on the "barsicle" round the corner to the local "Argos" (basically a warehouse that sells "stuff" from a catalog with its own shop front. Really handy!). As I'd reserved my mini iron online already, It was pretty straight forward. I paid for it at an automated kiosk, then sat and waited for my number to crop up. People were staring as usual as were the staff, although when I caught their eye I'd tilt my head slightly and they'd smile.

Iron done.

Next, food shopping. You know you tell yourself, "don't go food shopping when you're hungry" ....try doing that when you're irritable, basically starving and cursing yourself out for leaving things to the last minute. I actually managed to shop pretty well! I avoided the cookies (I'm a sucker for chocolate chip cookies...or chocolate covered hobnobs, I'd happily graze on those with a massive mug of coffee (mixed with hot chocolate...yes a mocha kinda) all day...damn my office days!) and went for grapes and satsumas and celery. The celery goes well with humus, I'd not eat it on its own *shudders*

I stood in the cue and people were off in their own worlds, idly looking around, till they saw this dark *thing* in their peripheral..triple stare as per usual and I tilt my head at them, they quickly avoid looking at me. The cashiers were oddly joyful today and the till I went to, the guy actually looked at me, pointed at me and motioned I came to his till...As if I was deaf or something? Ah, wait, yeah I had my massive headphones on although one was cocked slightly so I could hear things.

He was ever so smiley and helpful and asked, "would you like me to help you pack your bags Ma'am?" It's nice being around someone smiley and generally positive. Even if one's blood sugar is on the verge of making one pass out, it's hard to be a moody bitch when some one's just being helpful.

"No, you're alright thanks. But it would be grand if you could scan through all the bigger/heavier items first so I can fit them in my rucksack?" he nodded with enthusiasm and foraged through the basket of items to find all the bulky and heavier ones for me to pack.

Rucksack full and monies paid he bade me farewell as did I, "You have a good evening" and I left. Feeling really quite good now. It's probably the prospect of stuffing my face in about 20mins.

I think half this post has been done a bit back to front..But I'm a bit skewif today anyway.

Ah another thing, after mistaking a zentaist on Saturday for being Zentai Spot, we've actually been in touch and we shall be going to Westfields shopping centre for a walkabout on Sunday. So expect pictures and probably some footage too :-)

But first! To the sewing machine!!


Day 12: It's all gone a bit last minute o_O

No video this morning, as my hood is down due to mass sewing! As much as I'd like to sew with my hood up, I also value that I don't wear glasses and I'm not about to put my eyes under undue stress. It's bad enough I keep on catching my covered fingers under the foot of my machine when I'm not paying attention (!)

So yeah, might do a little video in a bit as I have some errands to do.

I WILL get this done...and Dash's cat woman mask...and get a zipper and and and...

Oy vey o_O