Sunday, 7 February 2010

Questions •:• Answered

End of week 1 and there have been questions asked by "normal" folk on the street, and fellow zentaists either through e-mail, facebook or twitter.

So here's some answers:

1. Why are you doing this for the month? Is it some kind of performance, or experiment?
I'm doing this, because after our Southbank walkabout, I was asked if I thought I could handle being in zentai for a whole month. I envisaged that I could but - being a sucker for challenges - I needed to know for sure. I always need to know! So, here I am.

The only thing that will most definitely happen at the end of all of this is personal development. I'm very aware of how I respond/react to things and people so it will definitely be a lot of food for thought, I guess.

2. People can see your eyes, what's the material? And isn't it cheating?
People can see my eyes, yes...But more importantly, I can see where I'm going, read information boards and do my shopping properly..oh and cycle on the street without getting run over(!). The material is a cotton based 2-way stretch fabric. At the moment, I can't for the life of me remember the name, but I'll be going back to the shop soon anyway. And no, it really isn't cheating. Whilst fantasies are great, if you make it a reality there are some sacrifices that will need to be made. That said, next suit I'll be looking into other ways of modifying the visual area of the hood.

3. About your suit. I thought you had more? What gives?
Well...I did, but I decided the zebra had to be put down - temporarily - so I can make more suits. It's not really an issue. I tend to take naps some times, it's my coping mechanism for dealing with the short days. When I do have a nap, that's when I hand wash the suit, give it a good squeeze (without ruining the fabric!) then leave it to dry in my room. My room is quite warm all the time so the suit is bone dry in about 2 hours :-)

That said! I should actually have made at least 2 suits by now, but my procrastination has gotten the better of me so for the most part, I opt to read a book. If anyone has a quick way of getting rid of procrastination it would be helpful, ta.

4. You DJ? Do you DJ in zentai??
I've decided to, yes. I don't DJ regularly but when I do (about once or twice a month) I've started this year showing up at venues in zentai, hanging about and generally watching people's reactions then their changed reaction when they see me DJing for them later on in the night. For the most part when people get the courage to come over and have a chat they just think it's crazy, but love it all the same. Otherwise they're just totally freaked out at a blank face, that's emitting sound at them...apparently they "don't know where to look" hehe.

5. How do you go to the bathroom?
Hehe...Well my zentai doesn't have a crotch zip. I can't really get my head around those, so haven't bothered. Instead, I'm quite bendy, so with the hood off I can pull the back zipper down and erm.."assume the position" pretty damn quickly. Fine tuning the technique is part of the reason why the zebra got put down, that and dancing at a normal nightclub and getting down a bit too much...

6. How did you get into zentai?
Well...when I was really little, I hated clothes (that really hasn't changed actually) and for the most part, my mum tolerated me being buck nekkid around the house. But eventually a deal had to be cut so she bought me cotton based cycling shorts. I absolutely loved them! I could run outside and climb trees and do whatever without being worried about my parents panicking over torn clothes. Moving about meant having to deal with colder environments so eventually the tight stuff disappeared for a while.

Cue swimming :-D. Every new school year I'd get a new swimsuit and it evolved from the standard hi-cut leg speedo's to the one i wear today. Still a "one-piecer" but with shorts instead of it cutting up into ones nether regions. It has to be said..I have this mini ritual where I rub my tummy before swimming. And the same there after. Why? I don't feels nice and is probably a comfort thing.

Anyway, about 5/6 months ago I started going to fetish clubs properly. Not for the play or whatever, just because people there are really fun and happy and have zero attitude that you get with normal nightclubs. Whilst I do have the odd latex outfit, I felt something was missing and through google searching and wanting to go with my then boyfriend in a bit of a personal "uniform" I really liked the idea of being this "blob" in human form. And well, that's where zentai came in and made life interesting.

7. How does wearing zentai make you feel?
..Hmmm, I think I know what you're getting at. The sensational aspect of zentai isn't really at the forefront as to why I enjoy wearing it. My skin is really quite sensitive (and I'm quite neurotic over looking after it as a result, go figure) so wearing zentai actually dulls a lot of what I'm used to. When I tried the double layering, I really didn't like it. Perhaps if I were in a lycra sack or something so I could appreciate the encasement more so as opposed to moving in a restricted space. I'm free for a reason ;-)

I will say this though! I am totally not adverse to people stroking me when I'm wearing one zentai. Especially on my head when the hair has grown to a fuzzy 1mm length. *melts*

So, what zentai actually does for me...I'm free to well and truly be me. I can run around in public not caring what people think about me because they don't know *who* I am. Being visually anonymous in a world where everyone wants to know everything whilst "appearing" to know everyone, kinda puts a kink in their system.

8. Did you know someone else has done something like this??
Yep, but for different reasons, I'd imagine. I'm aware of Ani's Adventures and I think it would be great if a guy did the same....even for a week! As I think girls don't have as hard a time as guys probably will do if they were out and about in public?

9. What are your plans for Valentine's day?
Honestly?? Recover from the awesome night out the night before :-) Probably go for a walk as well. I like seeing happy people, be that a couple or single folks. Especially in London, a lot of people suffer from "tunnel vision" in that they don't really appreciate the world they're living in.

10. You know, you really just look like a ninja or like you're wearing a modified Burqa.
You know.....there's not much I can do about that. Though that said, next hood on my next zentai I'll be toying with little eyelet hole type things. And for at least a few days, probably in the zebra zentai when I've put it back together, I'll wear an unmodified one

11. I guess you conquered your fear of being out in public?? ;-)
Nah, never had a fear of being out in public. I did have a fear about public transport. Not busses, but the tube system. The recurring theme was "falling": Falling down stairs, falling down LONG escalators and falling off the platform onto the tracks, just as a train pulls in.

Sounds grim, well if you've got a hyperactive imagination like looks grim too. Remember the movie "Death becomes her"...yeah. But those fears have been suitably squashed so it's all good.

12. Why don't you do a video chat??
Because mobile broadband bandwidth on pay as you go is McSpensive ;-)

and finally:
13. What do your parents and friends think about what you're doing?
My mum thinks I'm mad :-) she always thinks I'm mad. And she doesn't mind at all. Ditto with my friends. They know I'm a bit "odd" but I think they'd feel "odd" if they acted funny around me when I see it as being perfectly normal...and I'd ask them why they're acting up. It's never happened, but they've hypothetically asked the question many times about "other" friends. Yep, that old chestnut.


If there's anymore for anymore I'm on FB quite often, on Twitter and you can e-mail me too at:, if you fancy..

I'm doing something a tad special tomorrow :-)


Covent Garden: Pictures

So finally got the pictures from Friday :-)

Day 7: Do Nothing...

The weather is a twee rubbish, so giving the walk a miss (for now). So it's a duvet day.

I'm going to try and finish doing the pinning of the other bits of my old suit for my new one and totally forgot I'm meant to make a dress for a friend's theatre production that starts in March....And he wants a black zentai outfit with a massive white question mark on it.

But right now, toast and green tea and some Prince in the background is definitely in order.