Tuesday, 9 February 2010

End day 9: Tripping switches, cat woman and the corner shop

Ah, pretty chilled day.

Not a lot happened:

This morning, whilst walking from the kitchen back to my room a new woman had moved into the property ("where do you live?" I hear you cry...*giggle* in response) and was leaving the bathroom only to turn to her left and see this vehement black mass dragging its mammoth flip flops in a speedy fashion in her direction. Well, my flip-flop things are basically kinda platformed and I'm like 5ft 8 in them. She must have been just under 5ft 5 as she did turn her head up quite a bit to try and register my face.

But no, there was no face there, so whilst she actually startled the crap out of me...she let out a twee scream...a SCREAM, and her facial reaction of sheer terror for all of 2 seconds had me in stitches simultaneously. Instantly as if on auto pilot i said, "hey, you good??" and she replied, "oh yes, fine thank you" (french accent here).

What?! No you're're freaked the hell out by this odd "thing" that's just started talking to you. Why do people do that?? No bother, I wasn't actually curious as to her well being but said something to calm her down rather than walk by and leave a tentative silence as I flip-flopped back to my room.


So more pinning and cutting till it's mid afternoon and my brain can't take any more and demands a nap. Fine, 30mins power cat-nap and back on it, I NEED a suit for Saturday. I made the ultimate mistake of turning my electric throw (not an under blanket like most buy, this is sits on top of my duvet usually).

You know how lycra seems to absorb heat and transfer it to your skin quickly? And that feeling is amplified just that bit more? My 30min cat nap lasted 3 hours!! It was the most relaxing and - quite frankly - intoxicating nap I've had in a while. The zentai suit was only *slightly* warmer than my core temperature but as my room was cooling (I turned all my heaters off) it seemed to balance itself nicely. I woke up once and for some bizarre reason my heart was beating so hard and fast, I thought I was about to keel over and die there and then. Very odd.

But still, I guess the closest euphoric state of complete "oneness" with everything and the ultimate security blanket I could relate how I felt then is that of being in the womb? Seriously, I'm going through as many words as my brain can fathom and the only thing that's resounding well is an image of being safe from EVERYTHING in a womb. Considering I curl up into the fetal position whenever I sleep, I guess it's fitting.

So yes, nap over and cracking on with cutting fabrics, I get a call from Dashee. She's coming over in a bit. Grand...Finish cutting and start thinking about food but she's here already. And, everything goes silent in my room o_O

"Someone's d*cking about with the fuse box again" I grumble, before leaving my room.

Cue little video of walking about the place, trying to solve what's causing the short-circuiting/trip and one of the house mates, *still* finds my zentai really creepy.

So we're talking about making a cat-woman hood for her as she's not too keen on walking around in her zentai with the hood up on Saturday:

So, more work for this procrastinator to get on with before Saturday.

Before retiring for the day, I saw Dashee off to the station, and walked into my local corner shop to get some food. The guy behind the counter is someone I haven't seen in there for a while so decided to have a chat with him as it was relatively quiet. He found my suit really interesting, and asked me how the public reacted and explained a few concerns he'd imagine he would have (apparently my jacket and beanie are instantly recognisable as I'm in there often enough) if a total stranger came hurtling into his shop.

The burqa came up again...I really need to get a different visual solition done for the rest of the month. Hopefully this pin hole eyelet thing I've got rattling in my head will work. So I got some food and stuff and said my good bye and walked home.

Like I said...not much happened today :-)


Zentai Meets Daimond Dash(eeeee)

Dash comes over. A housemate trips the fuse box, and is still freaked out by my wearing zentai.

Beer and food over discussing making a cat woman mask for her for Saturday out of some plastic leather type pants...

Day 9: She's not all there?

Good ever. I crashed last night at i think 3am after spending the whole day pinning, and cutting...then spending like 5 hours getting totally engrossed in measurements and pattern making for my hood..

Still, more today! and possibly some shenanigans on Southbank :-)