Friday, 29 January 2010

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I went on a walkabout with a fellow Zentaist last month down Southbank in London before the snow and weather went all horrible.

I posted this up on a forum (Ayus-Zentai: Conquering Southbank!)

But thought it would make for some light reading before the 1st comes around. Also!! I'm DJing tonight in zentai...I'm really quite excited as I had to have my hood down last time as the visibility to my mac wasn't all that good. Modifications now!!


So, zentai_s contacted me on here a while back and we were in talks about possibly doing a walkabout in London on his way home for the Christmas festivities. We arranged to meet up on Monday, 21st December for a walkabout.

I suggested we meet at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank (my most favourite place...EVER, to watch the world move on by and enjoy a coffee on your own or with friends). So the day was set, and 1.30pm was the time.

Whilst i've done the odd cheeky walkabout on my own, I've always gone on busses. I've gone on the tube but not with my hood up as i'm petrified of possibly falling onto the rails/people/structures/down the escalators etc. I was running late though. So when i got to London Bridge, i decided "**** it, let's do this" and off i went into the Underground.

It wasn't actually that bad! The lights didn't affect my visibility as much as i thought it would (quite the contrary actually! it was more forgiving than the light i was contending with on the bus!). I managed to take a cheeky picture whilst on the escalators going down to the Jubilee line. It's a bit rubbish, but you get the idea.

So, the usual happened, people looking, staring, smiling, and speaking under their breath. Not for long mind, as there's only one stop between London Bridge and Waterloo station. It was actually kinda fun, and another thing to put in the "book of things I've conquered in Zentai" hugely irrational fear of not being able to see on the tube.

Onwards, and upwards! (literally) to meet zentai_s. Now it should be noted that i was running late, but keeping in touch via text messages. He was pretty nervous. Already at the RFS (Royal Festival Hall) so already seen the crowds walking by and such. I walked from the station, almost fell in my butt a few times (i didn't realise it was raining!) but finally got to the upper "deck" of the RFS and we ended up playing a game of "Marco/polo" on the phone as my visibility with my hood up was severely reduced to about 2 meters in front of me (!)

We introduced ourselves and initially he was going to walk around with me to see how people reacted, etc. That didn't happen and we went into the RFS so he could change into his full zentai and dive into the deepend. Woo!!!

Whilst waiting in the RFS, LOADS of children were around. Some saw me and freaked a little...but i just stayed still, they seemed to be ok with that. Others, looked and i waved, and they waved back before running back to their mum/dad and burying their faces into their parent's leg. One kid came up to me..not too close, and asked why i was wearing a mask. She caught me off guard and the first thing my half wet brain could muster was, "Because it's really cold out there, and it hurts my face" ....lame. Still, it made sense to her and she went off on her merry way and told her mummy the same thing. She looked at me, i waved, she waved back and smiled in a "thank you for being *normal* and not having to really explain to her what you are" ..ha! (you wait till she demands she wants a suit like it!)

So, zentai_s was suitably suited and booted and off we went to walk up and down southbank.

Let it be noted that zentai_s was conquering something too!! Walking in zentai in a crowded space! There were NO pitchforks or angry villagers. Quite the contrary! Smiling faces, puzzled faces, points and giggles. All pretty harmless, if not slightly amusing :-)

We walked up to the Oxo tower (as i'd forgotten the Blackfrairs path had been closed due to them working on the railway) then started making our way back.

I was really quite energised over the whole thing, and didn't care if it was raining, so on the way back to the RFS, i took booth my jackets off and carried on walking!

The one thing i was *hoping* to happen during our walkabout (which really would have been the cherry on top of a very hefty sundae indeed) was a photographer type, would be so bold as to want to take our picture....

Whilst the weather left little to be desired, you couldn't really have asked for a better day to go on a walkabout in Southbank!!

As such, I've toyed with the idea of a monthly zentai walkabout thingy in Southbank! Obviously not feasible for fellows further afield and those over the pond, but ho-hum. gotta start somewhere!

(only took 6 pictures, as it was quite crowded in some spots, but they're up in an album anyway).

*Squeeeeee!* \o/


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Caesium said...

Not long to go! Are you starting at midnight or first thing Sunday morning when you get up? :D