Saturday, 13 February 2010

13th in Review...

Just a side note, I know I'm writing this on Sunday but it's going to appear in saturday. Just to keep things neat. Plus...I was running on empty and had no time on Saturday.


Friday night...I wanted to go out, but I wanted a new zentai more. So I pinned, and stitched, and took apart, and restitched and swore...and made coffee...which then went to green tea, then peppermint tea and more stitching etc.

So not all that exciting. That said, I had to have the hood down and even being in 3/4 zentai (whilst the arms, shoulders and head are exposed I tie up the rest above "the goods") seemed to affect my general "zen-ness" I have even in stressful situations.

Somewhere around 4am as I finished pinning the main body of the suit I looked at my overlocker. It was sat there on the table, under its dust cover, laughing at me. Mocking my sheepish demeanor in relation to it's overcomplicated presentation. But I had enough. I bought that thing with the intention of mastering it, and making my own good fit outfits in my own fabric patterns. No longer will it mock me!

I spent probably 2 hours messing around with tensions, needle settings, differential feed settings, normal fabric sewing then eventually sewing on lycra. I eventually reached a point where I was happy enough with how the fabric behaved and without a flinch got straight to work on sewing the body of my zentai.

I finished the body, one arm, shoulders and the side zip by about 10am and high off the success of my own determination got ready to go be a rope bunny for a workshop.

After having a shower (and lightly washing and drying my suit) I felt human. Slightly drained but definitely human. I got what I needed - not a lot - and made my way to the train station (via the tube). At the station, like before (Conquering Southbank, on my first post) I was running around like a mad woman, looking for a free kiosk to buy a ticket. I had no reason mind you, I had about 25 minutes to idle for.

Tickets bought, train to get on identified (yet waiting for the platform number) I bought some food for later and just stood around. A lot of kids would stop in their tracks, pulling their parents back to ask, "what's that?". I'd turn my head to the kid and mimic their tilted head expression.

A lot of them laughed and waved back (as the parents pulled them away, not really wanting to explain what/who "that" was), some of them darted into the leg of their parents and others would just stare as they were carted off.

A platform was finally shown and I got a place on the train. The smell of the baguette I bought earlier was now emanating from my bag, setting off a, "Feed me, Seymore!" styled protest from my stomach.

One does not deny their stomach food when it protests as such! So...I ate.

The workshop went well. For the first part I was allowed to keep my zentai on and was used as a demo bunny for some ties. I didn't really think much of being tied up in zentai. It doesn't look as pretty as it does against skin.

Day over , it's back home and on with the suit before TG! Being tired and having been up for more than 24 hours already means that mistakes were going to happen. And they did. Some of the measurements for my hood were out, and I serged the wrong arm to the wrong hole. Then.....massive horror! In my frustration i cut through my hood :'-(

I was already running late for TG so, decided to go in that, without the hood.

Leaving the house, without "my face" felt horrible. I felt quite conscious about myself and exposed. Bar the fluffy blue legs and blue fingers as indicators of zentai being worn, the nape of my neck, head and face were exposed. Sensitivity to wind and the cold didn't help matters much either.

Still, I got to the venue. Stuffed my jacket and headphones and such into my bag to go into the cloakroom, and marveled at the top notch effort TG always put into their designs and themed rooms. As the venue filled up, more familiar faces showed up. Some I had seen recently, and a lot I haven't seen for a good long time. And then I danced...and danced, and danced till I realised I needed to sleep a little before going for a walkabout with zentaispot.

Whilst at TG, my self-consciousness melted away and I felt like I was back behind my hood. At the same time though, having that reaffirmation of your own characteristics as a person from other people was definitely needed. The dissociative nature of being in zentai is actually quite profound and not something I had thought about initially. But let's just say looking at your own face in a mirror at least once a day has helped keep that dissociative nature at bay.

On the way home, I was approached by a woman and her mum who seemed pretty lost. Being truly altruistic in nature I stopped and tried to figure out where she needed to go. After walking to a few bus stops I worked out a route for her to get home. Half of it was en-route with my journey home anyway :-)

So we chatted about how expensive London is, and my furry boots...and my suit. I proudly said I made it, and she was adamant that I bought it! I took off my jacket and showed her where there were still pattern marks, darts and wrong things on it. She still didn't believe me...

Ho hum. After getting her and her mum on the next bus on their journey - and reminding them of the other buses they needed to get - I swiftly made my way home...I had about 5 hours available to sleep...I crashed under the electric throw and still in my blue (almost finished) zentai...what a day.

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