Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day 14: A random Dinner party, and being silly

Randomly, I had been invited to a dinner party this evening. By a guy I had only lightly been chatting with a few days before. Not due to meet up until the end of the week, he invited me over.

Life's too short to avoid randomness.

I got there, late (my nap over-run) but there. There were a few questions asked, but I did decide to put the hood down (plus what we were eating was...well, it could have been messy). The evening went on and it was actually pretty fun. There was the odd slight look of uncertainty but I don't think anyone did anything about it because we were all having "civilised" conversation so there was no need for unnecessary friction (hehe). That said! the conversations ranged from gender-specific music instruments that make up an orchestra, through to someone having dry ice shoved down their pants and not realising till a few days later.


So! Homeward bound, and home at last. Before I decide to pass out from one hell of a weekend...I present you with 6 minutes of absent minded stupidity, and my new zentai suit (without the hood though, hence the silliness that ensues) :-)


Swifty said...

You were so close to put it on :) Anyway this blue zentai with zip on the right side is totaly awsome!

iZentai said...

I know! It's my got in the way!

Thank you :-) I'll do a video soon on how i get into the suit.