Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 18: Errand! And my blue suit

Soo...a day spent idling was stirred up as a friend (the lovely Kitty) wanted to borrow my tripod for a second DSLR she's got for a bit. I decided that i fancied a bit of double layerage :-). It's interesting that since my really horrible first taste of full double encasement, I've been ever more fascinated about it. I think the layering of lycra on the body is good, just not my head! Damned sensitive ears!

So I got the two on, and cycled my way to our rendezvous point..and waited. 2 of the folks living in the building with me popped out of the Sainsbury's I was standing outside of and I was somewhere else (probably Deep space 9 or whatever) and Alex waved straight up in my face saying, "alright??" I snapped out of wherever I was and we had a quick natter.

"ah, I've seen you outside now so I know what you're doing is true"

"well yeah!!...I'm wearing the blue one today!!"

"that you are! Looks good, I was telling Mick he should get one!"

Mick looks at me then Alex and grins a little.

I say, "yeah dude, I'll make you one! But it's not your thing really, is it"

"no..not really" Mick says quietly whilst looking elsewhere.

We chat for a second more about some ugly constructed monstrosity and how it was likely way overpriced, "oooh, that'll take 8 months and cost £XXXX" ...when it really won't. We say goodbye and they get on their bikes to go on their errands and I wait...

After a quick showing of how my tripod works, and a natter, I'm asked to go down to a tattoo shop a mutual friend has set up not far from where we were. I thought a quick ride to say hi (I'm due for another tattoo at some point...probably when I have a "career" change) would be nice and off I went. The instructions were vague but I figured I'd find the place.

I didn't. And the Raynaud's started kicking in. First in my toes, then the back of my head started doing its thing...then the fingers. It's never this quick to go through its stages, but my fingers were painfully sore once I noticed the inevitable was close and carried on being more so till all I could feel was a dull pain beneath the numbness that had settled in now. I hate it...

So getting quite bothered about this now and not able to find the place I decide to cycle home..But. I'm at kings cross now..and thrice as far away from home than I was initially. AND, I now had to ride up a hill. I actually liked the idea of getting hot and bothered (steady now) whilst riding up it...The generation of heat and such might alleviate the pain in my hands and now, starting in my toes. It didn't. But my blue suit dried off a bit.

Due to the lame feature on my phone of an "activity" button on the wrong side of the phone a chunk is missing...but whatever, carrying on with the de-robing of the blue suit...

So yeah...I'm now under the electric throw, drying out. And still contemplating whether I make a dress from scratch, or go buy one...I think I'm going to buy one...yeah?

But I need to buy a grill, I'm entertaining someone at home tomorrow. (I know! Someone's infiltrating my cave!!! It only happens once in a while, don't worry)


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