Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day 20: The weekend is here!

Yo yooo!!! Late entries as usual over the weekend...

Having slept for 2 hours (it was meant to be 30 minutes. Oh well) I needed my zebra back!! Due to go to The Egg (nightclub), and as the night is called "Wearable Art" I figured I'd not be the craziest thing there.

So I got my stray zebra lycra pieces, quickly pinned them up and went to town with the overlocker. The main body took less than 30 minutes to put together. The Hood was a b**ch to put together, but I didn't care. It was going to be done tonight!

Perseverance is such a good thing :-)

I couldn't be bothered with the arms so yeah, double layering fun! I'm really enjoying the double layering thing (since the bad first experience) but for totally different reasons. There's none of the sensuality going on. Yes there's friction and constriction but it just accentuates what it would feel like if you actually had to put skin on! My blue suit literally "disappears" when I wear it, then "reappears" when I wear something over it. It's a bodily game of hide and seek!

Anyway, I left my place with the hood up and as it was 11.30pm it was dark and the main issue of "pure" zentai hit me...visibility :-(. Being spoiled with my modifications in the black suit means I had to try and adjust to my visibility being below 40%. I managed OK to the bus stop but wanted to hail a cab and couldn't see the yellow light indicator they have on the top of their cars.

I couldn't hail a cab. A) not many drove by B) those that did thought I was mad and wouldn't stop. Bastids! So I got random buses and had to walk a little between them. I got a nice complement from an Italian guy, "Heyyyyyy, sexy zebra womaaann. Love what you're wearing". "Thank you" I said with a grin.

Finally got to the club, and my heart sank for a second. The Levi jeans, the shiny black shoes, the Ben Sherman crumpled shirts...the gaggle of drunk girls arguing with the "door whore" the bouncers standing around like they had better things to do...The sober people standing around in a cue to get into the nightclub all of a sudden feeling totally undressed when they saw me.


So...I don't think many people took the night's name literally (shame) and it was most certainly going to be a jungle in there. *rubs hands menacingly*

I get in no problem, walk up to the cloakroom and put my beanie, gloves (they had a special corner that cost a bloody pound!! crooks!) and tailcoat in. Time to observer the playground...

First area is a kind of terrace/garden space. Full of people, some started staring at me when I walked down the stairs. This with my hood down, it was odd to try and think of what - if anything - would bother me. Nothing did. I know either way, be it my face or hidden behind zentai, no one's really seen someone like me. Unless they know me already. Some waved and smiled, I returned the gesture and moved on to where music was playing...naturally.

Main room, Awesome bright LED panels on the roof = possibility of wearing my hood without fear of the "darkness". Now, wearing the zebra outfit meant I lit up like a Christmas tree :-) and people were looking, tapping their friends shoulder and pointing at me and loads of smiles. I got a drink (Gin and Tonic, standard) the only drink of the night. And found a place to stand and observe. Mostly to actually see how people move in and out of the room, where stairs are, where possible places to avoid were as well (so when I had my hood up I'd be able to avoid or remember to be more cautious).

So, whilst standing and watching, top hat tucked under my right arm, little shoulder bag under the left and drink in my left hand; this guy starts dancing in front of me and backs up a bit too much. A hand automatically went out to keep him from squishing me. He turned around and started dancing at me, with his friends looking on. I obliged a little and imitated his dancing a little, with all my bits in tow. It's nice when a crowd vibe is on the positive regardless of what you look like.

As we were fooling around dancing, these two girls come up to me with the biggest grins on their faces, "Oh my god!! I love your outfit!! Can I take a picture?!"

"Sure, hang on"

I put my drink and bag down and put my hood up and about to put my top hat on...

The screaming!!...I hit the back of my head on the wall I was just standing in front of they startled the crap out of me!

"OH MY GODD!!! YOUR FACE!!!!! YOUR FACE!!!!! No, no don't take it off! It's amaaaaazing!!!"

So after understanding it *didn't* freak them out, I put on my top hat and they took a few pictures with me. The guy was obviously lost with the music, but turned around and you could hear him say, "F**king hell!" then he started waving at me...I waved back and him and his mates burst out laughing.

A few more people came over and asked to take a picture with me. Thankfully no one had a proper camera, so the LED flash on their camera phones meant I wasn't dazzled for a few moments. They left, and I returned back to idling status with G&T in tow :-)

The music was quite bland (techno always is. For me anyway) so I drifted off upstairs. ARG!!! UV CANNONS!!!! Kryptonite to the white side of zentai, I tells ya! I took my hood off and realised that the rest of the clubs lighting definitely wasn't zentai friendly. A guy on his way to the toilets walked by and went, "Grrrr, sexy sexy!" I didn't hear him properly, but you know when you feel someone's directing an energy at you? I looked back and he was grinning at me, "Oh you KNOW you love it" I didn't really know what to say so being the ever coy lady I replied, "Oh baby, say it like it is!" That seemed to have gone down a treat as he ran off to the little boy's room.

I carried on upstairs and people were literally jumping out of my way due to how the white off the zebra and my top hat (now on my head) were popping in the UV space. A few smiles and waves and...Aww yeah someone's playing some Bmore this is the room for me!

Lighting unfortunately is a tad dire, except for when the smoke machine goes off to fill up the room. I guess I kinda feel like Dare Devil in the sense that I can see f**k all unless there's smoke (rain is his equivalent) in the air to bounce light around on people. So I find a corner, put my hood up and proceed to dance like no one's watching. Then the music changes/DJ's switch over...Meh!!! Time to move around.

The loft space was dead, and the sound system only had mids and horns on them. Basically no bass! which - even if it was meant to be a bar space - is dire.

Back down to the basement room and I'm standing around again. It's nicely smokey now so I put my hood up and look around whilst trying to find a "groove" in the mundane techno/house that's playing.

More people come up and ask questions. You's kinda cool to tell people, "yeah I made these" and see their reaction. In equal measure to the wonderment and amazement you see on their smiling faces. More pictures then this guy..I think his name was Matt, starts chatting to me, but you can tell he's not all quite there. Still, he's pretty coherent and his friends come up to him, say hi to me, then pop off wherever they get off to.

Blah blah blah, and I'm on the dance floor...right in the bloody middle. I don't like dancing in the centre of a dance floor in zentai unless I'm with my friends who can keep a watchful eye out. On my own, I usually have a wall at least 40cm away from me so I know no one can "surprise" me from behind. Still, I danced for a bit then migrated to a pillar.

I took all I could in that room, and in a drop in the music I could hear the Bmore rhythm pounding upstairs. Immediate B-line (heh) upstairs. Hood up, through the UV Cannon stairs of doom into room 2. I think I slightly tripped up once on the stairs but was on a mission!

I found a corner near emergency doors, that was emanating a nice stream of light over me so I could see my immediate area and a bit further afield.

And I proceeded to: DANCE.MY.NUT.OFF

Sweating in double layers is layer absorbs the sweat off you, the other one due to friction and such evaporates it. Awesome!

A group of clubbers gravitated towards me and one guy said, "I don't know who you are, but I HAVE to dance with you!!" and dance he did :-) and dance they did! And dance we all did!!!

More of the same from people with regards to pictures, comments and looking and smiling.

As the floor emptied, I just got lost in the music playing (I was here to support my good friend Scally Dan Dan and I think I did a bloody good job!). Limbs all over the place, concentrated breathing through the hood and checking my top hat was still there every now and then.

I think it was 5.30am when I realised, yeah my feet hurt! I tried to dance on a little more...but the insane dubstep-come-electro mess playing through the speakers was distorting a bit too much, and the sound engineer in me was having a hissy fit.

So a glass of tap water as I descended from the heavens to the cloak room. My tailcoat and gloves back in my clutches and off out home...

2 night busses and it's almost 6am on Sunday morning...

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