Thursday, 25 February 2010


Hells yeah! 4 really strong Neurofen (Ibuprofen) and like 10 herbal capsules of Cat's Claw and lots LOTS of sleep. And I'm back to normal! Flu? What flu! Pah!

*winces slightly*

So that open invitation is still out to anyone who's game. I'll be running (walking) riot around St. Paul's down millenium bridge and a few places around south bank like Tate Modern, Royal Festival Hall and probably hang around the London Eye for a bit too.

I'm furiously cutting some additional pattern things before heading on out. A jacket and my tophat in a bag just in case the weather turns bad (but apparently we're good till 4pm, then chances of rain rise fro m 30% to 80%...light showers, in the South Eastern region of the country etc.)

Loads of pics! Loads of fun!! But first! Food!!





wolford__lover said...

Amazing. I took a double take of you today near St Pauls (1pm ish). You looked amazing. Very sexy. Utter distraction.

iZentai said...

Ahh you should have come and said hi!!

I was really really excited for a while, it has to be said so was quite skittish (always happens when I'm in my zebra zentai...zebra mentality).

Glad you were around :-D said...

You really did make my week. Next time you are wandering give me a hint!