Monday, 22 February 2010

End Day 22: There's a Nutter on the train

It's all coming to an end soon :-( But I'm trying not to think about it...

Still had to get to work but it takes an hour and for some reason, 3 drops of rain and the British transport system comes to a halt. Or everything is delayed by 20mins!

Feeling quite sad about it being the last week (but happy about future projects I now have in mind) I kinda kept to myself and wasn't really observing anyone.

On the train the ticket inspector came to check my ticket...Then he asked why I was wearing what I was wearing. I was wearing my zebra zentai and my black one but the zebra hood was down. So it looked a bit odd, then really odd when you couldn't see my face.

He's he first to actually make sense, the policy of the train company over Halloween makes sense (ask them to take their hoods off for the cctv cameras, they can put them back on)...

I got to work and that pretty much went without a hitch :-) I posed a few poses in zentai, and the class was split 50/50. One guy in particular really didn't like my posing in zentai, "You can't see the muscles, it's plain". I told him my Granny Smith Apple versus a rotting peach analogy. I think that shut him up :-)

SOoooo...I'd normally say the rest of the day was pretty standard. But it wasn't as I had a kinda "date" thing (what, another one?! I hear you no, this one's real) in the evening. Hehe.

I'd been speaking to the guy for a while (by speaking I mean EPIC messages that put some of my blog posts to shame(!)) and he was aware of my zentai shenanigans and was really quite intrigued by it all. Which is interesting. As a lot of people have slightly freaked out at just how "random" this is.

So yeah we met up and went to a pub for a drink and chat and such ^_^. And got on really well.

I like the fact that what I'm doing, actually filters out idiots. Those who pertain to want things far from the norm, yet when they are faced with it run screaming to the chairmen of the bored.

On a side note. I now don't wear my zentai all the time at home anymore (my skin really doesn't like the fact that the lycra absorbs my body lotion before it does!) as I'm trying to ease out of this without any psychological "issues"

AND! If you're free Thursday, here's an open invite for a walkabout around Southbank. I shall be around the millenium bridge with a photographer friend. Check the Ayus forum if you're up for it (and some piccies)


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