Tuesday, 23 February 2010

End Day 23: I has cold :-(

What's worse than having a wet zentai face??? Having a wet cold zentai face, and a nose that won't stop running.

Mmmmm, nice. I hear you say. Trying to shove tissue through the mouth zipper to catch the offending substance eminating from one's nose in public without it looking odd is hard. And well...I gave up and managed somehow, to blow my nose properly on the tube.

Much to a few people's amusement, and others disgust. Hehe.

Other than posing for the sculpture class (they liked having to mould their clay with the sight of a zentai face so they didn't get bogged down with facial details) there's not much that was on in the afternoon...other than...


Lots and lots of sleep because I feel like crap.

As you may know I'm now sleeping without zentai (as I normally sleep naked anyway) and i think it's good timing as this cold isn't doing me any favours at the moment.

Super grump!

Thursday's weather report isn't looking all that amazing :( Apparently loads, and LOADS OF RAIN!! and COLD rain at that is on the way...

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