Thursday, 4 March 2010

Men Who Love Lycra @ Dailybeast

I got alerted to this blog post/article on the Daily beast about zentai and people who love them.

I was interviewed a while back in February (I was going to keep quiet about it till they released it, but they did so after my month was up) by Will Doig about my view on zentai.

The Weird World of Zentai

What really gets me is the views at the bottom. It pretty much optimizes the shallow-blinkered and brainwashed society at large. Just because we choose a different material which is actually a celebration in cloth technology (let that one marinade for a second) and actually MAKES SENSE. We are labeled "weak" and unable to accept ourselves.

Quite the contrary. Sure for some it will be a booster to who they are, but never a repressive entity.

If being an adult (Life 1.0) means misery and the idea of "fun" deleted from our memory banks, I'll choose "Life: Forever Young Edition" Ta.



Ricardo said...

Quite right, my dear! I'm more than half a century old, married to a lovely wife, and I'm fond of zentai. In fact, I can't really sleep one night without wearing one. It's relaxing, sensual and gives that unique sense of cozyness we all know for sure.
I'm an adult, very alive, and I think those brainwashed blokes who write those comments are the ones that are not really alive - in fact, they are so weak that they need to cower behind stupid puritan dogmas... Perhaps they long for Oliver Cromwell and his republican terror, where nearly everything - from hair to buttons - was considered indecent.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention: my wife doesn't think zentaism as freakish, and she rather likes cuddling with me when I wear them in bed.

«May the Force be with you»...

Anonymous said...

I haven't worn zentai,so I don't know about the feeling to wear zentai.But I dislike the brainwash blokes who write commentes.Evryone has the right to pursue favorite things.I notice the bloger said zentai material is actually a celebration in cloth technology.zentai help us to embody the society advance.It seems that I need to buy a zentai

anonymous said...

As for me,I ignore what the brainwash blokes, it is nothing for me. I care about what is the material of zentai,and the upstairs said the zentai make him very relaxed and give him unique sence of cozyness. It seems zentai is the best choice for me to buy one.I need the cozyness to relieve my pressure.