Thursday, 9 December 2010

why zentai is like bubble gum...

...Been busy with life 2.5.8 but after my weekend in the tight stuff (sorry couldn't video in the venue and totally forgot before/after...d'oh!) I've had some thoughts about the whole zentai versus the myriad of ***-suits in the world.

Rootsuits, super fansuits, morphsuits, pratsuits etc. etc. etc.

So i had a think about it and wondered what hell one must have gone through when they invented chewing gum? And even then, they probably didn't "invent" it, but refined the concept or indeed tailored it to their own requirements.

Still, chewing gum (or bubble gum) still has the same standard function, to be chewed repetitively until the user is bored or it can't be chewed anymore. Yet people have their preferences:

I'm all about the Hubba Bubba because it goes hard and gives me jaw ache if i've chewed it for too long. Any other brand and it just dissolves in my mouth after a few hours (by a few i mean, like, 8?!) which is an annoying sticky mess indeed. I'm aware hubba bubba is bubble gum and thus tougher, but it does the trick.

I'm pretty sure that if someone told me how to make chewing/bubble gum, I'd just make my own!

So coming back to zentai, all the "brands" out there (even though most of those "suits" are just sourced from China via alibaba or something) are merely marketing exercises of the same damn thing. I make my own when I can and can't see myself buying a suit (unless i needed a replacement and can't be arsed to do it my zebra suit).

Thinking of Morphsuits as a really gimmicky/shitty brand of chewing gum brought a smile to my face :-)

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