Friday, 30 December 2011

Shift in gears for 2012 (29 Days...Do you want one?)

Woo, lost a hold on a lot of things for a few months there :-/ Also forgot to renew the domain for this site...thankfully dreamhost are awesome and the domains get held for a bit before it's a free-for-all.


So yeah, having a full-time "job" hasn't really been working out and I'm reaching the point where my health starts to go a bit wrong if I stay in the same job. It's happened before and it *wasn't* pretty. I guess I'm a little jealous of people who just put their head down and wait till things get better. How people expect change when they carry on doing exactly the same is beyond me!

I've marked mid-April as my "hand in my notice" D-Day, then I have to work for a month before I can go (yeah it sucks). I've got loads planned before that, one which I think will probably result in many sick days, but it'll be fun and certainly a learning experience:

29 Zentai Suits in 29 Days...X_X

Yep, in February I want to bash out as many suits as I can without having a nervous breakdown. So a suit a day makes sense. Obviously I won't be working from scratch and these won't be tailored as I won't have time for all that. I'm currently designing Small, Medium, Large and eXtra Large blocks to be cut out of wood (eventually metal if this proves successful) to make the pattern cutting a lot easier. Options will be limited to zipper placement (inner leg seam, lower back to head, male/female zip to head, male/female zip to face (front). All hoods will be full, no eye-holes.

This isn't all being said just because..(well a little), but mainly because I'm putting a feeler out there to see if anyone wants one? 25 suits will be plain coloured (black, white, blue, green, red), 1 smooth black velvet and the last 3 will be in ridiculously funky prints:

Black Super Stretch Smooth Velvet:

Print 1:

Print 2:

Print 3:

If any of you are interested, give me some feedback on what I've written and tell me if I've missed anything out, should explain more about some things and if you want one. I'd need to cover my overheads of sending them out to you and sourcing the fabric (the quality is premium!) but that's not the main focus..I just want you folks to be part of my crazy little world.

Feedback via comment response here or tweet me @iZentaiLondon or send me an e-mail: izentailondon [at] gmail [dot] com

I'll follow up on this in 2 weeks or so with a more concise roll out of how I'm going to avoid a nervous breakdown ^_^

But for now, let's bring in 2012!! (and my turning 26...AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!)

Silky yummy hugs n stuff!


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