Thursday, 4 February 2010

End of day 4: A zentai!!! and double layers...

Ahhhh, mental! Totally mental day..really. I forgot to upload an earlier set of clips (honestly I thought they were uploading after i took them. apparently they're here now..) kinda showing what I wore today (lost the raincoat as it wasn't that bad after all) and finally getting over my paranoia (which came from no where other than other people worrying...meh)

So yeah, first part of the day was great. Being confident enough (and the guy being cool enough) to film it. Whilst he came across as OK with it. I did notice an aura of...well...tension? And not in a good way. He was his normal chatty self when I wasn't in it, but seemed to turn a tad quiet when i was back in it. Interesting. I wanted to question him about it, but there was no time for either of us.

Train back home, quick bite, blog about being called a ninja then off for a shoot. I did do a little video before getting to the front door...thinking the steward wouldn't let me in, but he did and i kept on filming but then numbers and names and all sorts kept reeling so, yeah...none of that (yes I could have edited it with random monkey sounds, but that thought occurred to me AFTER i deleted it off my phone! Fail :-()

AAAAAaaannnyway, I don't know if someone's playing a massive practical joke on me or what, but you'd never guess what the photographer wanted to do....for half of the shoot... a black zentai suit he bought for the shoot...

I sh*t you not...Look!!

I'm surprised he didn't start spewing how random and coincidental it all was, from the reception area. But needless to say I was ecstatic as I could double layer the suit and see what that's like (no, it's never occurred to me before...there are reasons, probably worthy of its own post! yeah).

Saxophone's...are...heavy!! (without the neck strap). Why do I always have to look like I'm playing one? (yes I can play the Oboe, but that thing's light!)

On comes the shapes part of the shoot, and whilst he's setting up the lighting and all, I go "Vogue" for a minute..


So this double (multiple) layering business. I've never really bothered with it as it never appealed, and my projected ideas about it meant there wasn't even an underlying curiosity. However, given the present circumstances I figured I should give it a go. Like the Dr. Pepper ad says, "what's the worst that could happen?"

..Seriously, every time I utter those words I find out. Thankfully, this time it wasn't anything quite as serious as a few other close shaves...

I decide to put on the other zentai suit over mine and instantly find that the one zipper on the back (as opposed to the two for the head, and the main body) meant I had to stretch the suit and push my arms further than I normally do to zip it up properly on my own.

I'm in...I feel like darth vader stuck in a velcro factory o_O. I shrug that off, can't get all analytical now. Ah, he's moving the lights shiny, *rubs legs* yeah that's odd, don't know if I like that. The sensation came from my hands as opposed to feeling it from my legs. All my legs felt was the resultant heat from the friction between layers and my hands. Right, ready to shoot. Wait...I feel like I'm in a black hole. There's that darth vader velcro factory again. My breathing's gotten quite heavy and I seem to be hearing what the photographer's asking of me but not processing properly.

Normally, you'd be able to see someone's *not quite there* if you could see their eyes. But as i was behind 2 layers of lycra in low lighting, that wasn't going to happen. I was effectively having something shy of an outer body experience (I HATE that phrase, but it is what it is) and became very aware of this once the tunnel vision started and I couldn't hear things properly. It's amazing what a difference in oxygen delivery and body temperature does to your brain (sounds like it was boiling in its own fluid slightly...eewww). Yes, technically I was close to passing out (being hypoglycemic, I'm very aware of my triggers/signs for the other classes I do) and sat down for a minute, did some controlled breathing to snap out of it and carried on. Towards the end, I took off the second suit....

So, my initial thoughts about the whole multi-layering are now pretty much set in stone.


I guess I'm more of a control freak than I let on (with myself anyway). But that's not really a situation where having a lapse in concentration/self helps.

Loads of food for thought today. Was pretty switched off on the tube. Still aware of this one Chinese fellow who wouldn't stop eying up my legs...he'd flicker a look at my face every now and then but was transfixed on my legs...Hey, my shoes are sh*t hot if I do say so my self!! I'd look at them too ;-)


Swifty said...

I am very sorry to hear that zentai multilayering was bad experience for you. I have tried it and found very cool but I think it is individual teste. BTW: where to find your pics from photo session done be photographer?

iZentai said...

The photographer was working on film. So they won't be up anywhere I'm afraid :-(