Thursday, 4 February 2010

People out of Central are friendlier :-)

One down, one to go...

I'm feeling like my normal self (FINALLY) I guess that translates to having my normal nonchalant-ness back. Yay. I think that's because I've walked by a good few "authority" type folk, thinking the worst and getting nothing - thank you Seneca.

So, there are a few videos...including (!) a reaction from a tutor. Pretty normal, although the facial expressions are amusing...

Between the end of the lesson and getting home - for a quick bite...this post...and off to a shoot - I was walking back to the station and there was a lady with an absolutely ma-hoooooosive bag of what one can only assume to be fluffy stuffing. You know, the cotton candy you *can't* eat? So, I stepped onto the road to let her pass on the very narrow pedestrian walk and she said, "Watch out!!" ...I said, "I think you should be my dear", to which she responded, "You look like a ninja!"

.."Yes, yes I am...No one knows it yet". We shared a giggle and went on our own merry ways.

I guess i said that in a few words on this video...


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