Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Getting the laundry done

Pretty simple...leave house, go to launderette, come back.

I got some audio somewhere...but the phone's microphone is preeeeetty shyte. I might upload that, there's not much to it.

Also, as I seem to have forgotten mentioning it. I wash this suit once a day by hand, either when I have a nap in the afternoon or as soon as I come in..Considering how warm my room is (I hate, HATE the cold) the suit dries out in about 2 hours :-)

The laundry guy was cool, recognised my voice and instantly started laughing. The lady beside him kinda went, "Oh my god!!" then started laughing too. I asked her if it bothered her and the guy interjected and said, "nah, you're cycling, it's cycling stuff..." which all I could muster was, "um, yeah...basically".

There were other people moving clothes from washing machines to dryers, and this one older gentleman couldn't help but gawp. I said, "y'alright?" and he shook his head and said, "yeah, sorry"....cue giggling.

I didn't hang about, till the drying. And erm...I reached level 7 playing Tetris on my phone...Thrilling...


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