Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pins and zebras and bed..

No video tonight me thinks...Just spent the last hour pinning my zebra zentai to itself (I've taken it apart to use as a prototype for my other suits you see) whilst singing to Tom Jones (shh.)..

So a collection of images I've taken whilst idling between more idling, I think...

I have another class tomorrow and a shoot...that should be interesting!!

But now...sleep!


Swifty said...

I've just spotted you blog before weekend and enjoy reading it at my work :)
Comments to the pics:
- nice wallpaper on laptop :)
- nice shiny legs:)
- are there 2 turntables and a numark mixer ? - if yes then you got +100 to the respect points from me ;)

iZentai said...

Hehe, it's not a wallpaper, it's actually a lot of images from a shoot i did before this project ;-)

And yes, my lovely technics 1210's and numark mixer :-)