Friday, 16 April 2010

And a month goes by...

Hey, Hi!!

It's been ages! (well it feels like it for me) since I've given this blog some loving.

I've not forgotten it! Oh no no no. Just wondering what to do with it. Since I made my blue zentai (even though i never finished the hood) I've had queries about whether I make them or not.

Now...I DO make them...but right now I'm just testing out a few kinks, and some fabrics and such before I come out shouting at the top of my lungs I make them.

Anyway, I got this awesome teeny tiny mini-video record (seriously it's the height of my thumb and about the same width too!) and thought I'd record what I get up to when sewing and such.

The only thing I'm wondering is...whilst sewing and such in zentai is fun, especially if it's really cold in the room, it's not practical in the long scheme of things. I had time with the blue suit (kinda): I don't really have that kinda time to phaff around now.

So, if you saw who I really was...would that ruin it for you??

Hugs n stuff (it's getting warmer, yay!)


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