Monday, 10 May 2010

Zebra Zentai Tour Venue 2: City Arts & Music Project (CAMP)

Howdie doodle....

I've spent this weekend gone re-making someone's Starwars fancy dress outfit (white lycra) and starting on my front zipper zentai. Unfortunately due to the suppliers telling porky-pies (lies) about which way the stripes went i'm a bit fuuuuubard with the hood. But i'm having a think and probably will involve some crafty cuts and stitching from me..

Anyway, I should have plugged this much sooner, but I've been (and still am) in limbo for a while.

I'm life modeling in all 3 of my zentai: blue, black, zebra, tonight. I know it's far too late notice, but least i've said something :-P

Linkie: Meetup - Zebra Zentai Tour Venue 2: City Arts & Music Project (CAMP)

Mainly for illustrators, cartoonists and all other manner of media types come and have a drink and draw various performers/actors in various "stop motion" poses from 1 min to 15 mins...

Here's the blurb:

On November 24 we were hosted at Th1ng animation company. Now we're continuing Cartoon Fig on Tour with a series at a Hoxton café bar / club the City Arts and Music Project (CAMP). Only 5 minutes walk from Old Street tube, it's right at the heart of the streets where crucial art (Banksy?!) really happens.

Modeling, we have local performance artist Anansie in her own Zebra Zentai creations: stripes are strong for this session.

Also, still on offer from Claudio the music programmer at CAMP - we can put together our own music if we want to. If you have anything to offer on this comment under the event on this page.

NEW: Students who book on this site - I'll give you £2.50 back on the night if you bring your student card (nb no refunds if you cancel tho).

* To recognise me at the venue - I look like this

* 2 hour session.
* Opportunity to draw performance artist in dynamic 1min - 15min poses and 'stop motion' poses.
* After the session drinks / food / check out each other's drawings.

To Bring
'Clean' art materials like pencils, crayons, felt tips and your own paper.

My other mac is being annoying so I don't have time to show you the current state of my stripey "catsuit" (that's what it is...for now) I'll probably up it later on this evening.

Also, I shall be DJing in my stripey wonder this week Friday 14th May at Bar Vinyl in Camden. Then again on the 22nd May at Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel.

Fun! I think a video is due, yes?

*hugs n stuff*


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