Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday...Bloody Monday...

Good Morning!

It certainly is over here...the sky is clear and the sun is shining. It's probably bloody cold outside. I won't know till the afternoon though as I have to work then, "south of the river" so lots of public transport to walk through like a normal upstanding citizen.


So! What's this all about? What's the point? Why am I doing this? etc.

I'll tell you:

This basically is the aftermath of the walkabout on southbank I did with Zentai_s at the end of last year. We were chatting on a messenger about it and he asked me, "would you wear your Zentai for a month?"...I thought about it and given the relative freedom I have, I said, "yeah why not?".

Initially this was all meant to go down in January but i actually was quite busy and the logistics (and mental preparation, yes that happens too!) just weren't right. So I agreed to February and to document it as proof and for anyone out there who's at all curious about it.

And here we are :-)

Now this isn't some huge experiment in prolonged enclosure. As I've not spent as much time as i really should have on modifying this suit (and making and modifying another one! I'm just going to make one). It's more of a social experiment between myself and...well...London really. Just to reinforce that this is NOT an endurance course to see how long i can explicitly stay in Zentai. I know who I am...I want to know who everyone else is (or at least how they respond).

No groups, no special days. Just me, in Zentai, doing what I normally do but just wearing attire that's a bit different from the norm! Funnily enough, they were referred to as "Posh long johns"
by someone...they are kinda...aren't they?

Anyway, so basic things I must stick to for the next month:
  • Whenever I leave the house, I must be wearing Zentai. If I have to go to work, I must wear the Zentai to work and from work. Whenever possible to wear it whilst working.
  • Idling at home, again, I must be wearing Zentai. For the time being the hood will be taken down when eating/drinking.
  • (Obviously) Taking a shower means that the Zentai will be taken off, but put back on straight after.
  • I shall be switching between two Zentai suits, so whilst i sleep in one the other will probably be hanging to dry for a "fresh skin" the next day :-)
  • I'll be swimming at least 2 times a week, and to start off with will be wearing my swimsuit for that. In the long run (as it's been suggested) I might actually wear my Zentai as well as the swimsuit :-)
  • If an authority tells me to take off the hood (with a fully justified explanation) I will do so
Uh...yeah. I can't think of anything else there. If I've missed out something glaringly obvious, gimme a nudge. I'm a 24 year old girl (woman/lady whatever) who lives in London. I don't have an office job...I have 4 jobs that come and go during the week so things are pretty flexible. I'm teaching myself how to make my own Zentai outfits amongst other things. A little bit happy-go-lucky, and my shame button broke a long time ago. Yes, I have no shame.

That's it for now...I need to finish sewing something, and draw on Monday (black Babushka doll) and probably go outside for a stroll to my corner shop as i need some food!


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